The Tale of the Well Travelled Donations

Posted 20th May 2016 11:14am by

WE are once again handing over to BHWT’s wonderful Regional Volunteer Community Fundraiser who has raised thousands for us through her eBay shop. Here Megan Whiteman talks us through how she gets her donated items, from start to finish!

Megan said: “My boyfriend Grahame got introduced to fundraising very early on in our relationship (basically from the moment we said hello!) I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to multi task, chatting on Skype whilst listing on eBay at the same time.

“I think his suspicions that I was hen mad were well and truly confirmed when we spent Easter Friday constructing a Christmas tree together (currently available for £29.99 if you’re looking for a very special Kensington style fir).

“However, hen madness, it seems, is catching.

“This is the tale of what some donated items go through before they finally make it on to eBay.

“First of all, they were sorted outdoors in 55mph winds, and then undertook a three hour journey to my boyfriend’s house. Next at the weekend they jumped back into the car again, to be whizzed up the M1 to my awaiting arms.

” Only it wasn’t that simple. Road works on the motorway meant both man and donations sat through a two-hour delay in the blistering heat as spring decided, in rather bad timing, to finally arrive.

“Four gruelling hours later (after setting off at 8.30am and reaching the destination at 12.45pm) after it seemed the donations would never make it, the car finally rolls up.

“Out steps the somewhat frazzled looking Grahame, who immediately offers to carry everything indoors (which involves three large boxes and a 5kg sack of stamps) to be greeted with the romantic words any man would travel 90 miles to hear: ‘So, I’ll grab the laptop, you get everything photographed, and let’s get these items live!’

“On a serious note, there were more than £400 worth of donations to sell on eBay, with everything from collectable phone cards to zen gardening kits and costume jewellery, so if you decide to browse my Hen eBay Emporium, you may just find yourself with one of these famous items…and now you know their story!”

If any of you fab supporters out there would like to donate items for Megan to auction on her eBay shop, to raise funds for the BHWT, please contact Xiomara (‘Shamara’) in the Fundraising Team on