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Health & Welfare

Fly Strike

Hens are really good at disguising the fact that they are unwell. Because of this diarrhoea or a discharge from her vent and soiled feathers may go unnoticed. All of this makes a perfect storm for a fly to land on your hen and lay its eggs in the soiled feathering. This is known as fly strike.

avoiding red mites
Health & Welfare

Red Mite and How You Can Avoid Them

The most obvious sign of red mite infestation is your hens’ reluctance to enter their coop and/or a change in their perching habits; this is because they know there’s something in there that is causing irritation. But we’re here to help with some simple suggestions on how to (try) to avoid red mites…

adopting two hens
Health & Welfare

Adopting two hens

What do you do when you have one hen on her own? In an ideal world, hens live in flocks; they are very sociable creatures and like to interact with each other. Introducing one or more new hens to an existing hen is not usually a problem as the hens that are being introduced haven’t yet formed a bond with each other and are essentially individuals…

fairy egg next to a normal sized egg on a hand
Health & Welfare

Fairy Eggs

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes from large double yolkers through to medium and small, right down to tiny fairy eggs, there is no such thing as a standard egg! If you have never seen a fairy egg (sometimes called wind eggs) you may be wondering what on earth has gone wrong…

country smallholding fi
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Country Smallholding: Flockdowns Could Become an Annual Occurrence Experts Say

BRITAIN’S POULTRY-keepers should plan for annual ‘flockdowns’, chicken experts and Defra have suggested. After six months of captivity, the UK’s hens were allowed out to range again on 2 May, but with avian flu circulating in Europe’s wild birds these mandatory housing measures could become an annual occurrence…

FI Sainsburys Magazine
Featured In

Sainsburys: Food Hero

Recently interviewed by Sainsburys Magazine, founder of the British Hen Welfare Trust, Jane Howorth has been helping to improve the lives of commercial laying hens for more than 15 years. Read to see what they discuss…

hen houses ww
Health & Welfare

Which Hen House Should I Buy?

The opportunity has finally come for you to adopt your very own hens and now you need to purchase a hen house. But which sort to choose from the bewildering array of designs, materials, and sizes?

chicken noises news article
Health & Welfare

Why so Noisey? What is Your Chicken Trying to Tell You?

o you ever wonder exactly what your chickens are trying to tell you? It never fails to surprise us, the variety of noises our birds make. We all know the joy of listening to the contented purring noises hens make as they roost and nod off to sleep and the somewhat raucous “look at me aren’t I clever” noises that accompany an egg being laid, but what about some of the other noises?

let them all eat cake news article
People Stories

Let Them Eat Cake… all While Helping Hens

With hens named Petunia, Peony, Pansy, Primula, Penstemon, and Primrose, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Rachel Parsons chose to raise funds for the BHWT by opening up her garden to the public…

man creating a hen friendly garden
Health & Welfare

How to Create a Chicken-Friendly Garden

Just like many people feel a house isn’t a home without a cat or a dog, we are of the mind that no garden is complete without a flock of chickens to share it with…

jon joy press release
Press Releases

Newbury Man Chosen to be Hen Charity’s London Marathon Runner

A Newbury scientist has been chosen to represent the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) in this year’s London Marathon. He hopes to achieve his target of finishing in 3 hours 30 minutes, which would also be a personal best, and raise £2,000 for the BHWT.

the simple things fi
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The Simple Things: Cluck and Collect

Rachel Barclay always wanted to keep chickens. So when the part-time teacher moved to a Surrey village with her husband, she designed their long, narrow back garden with that in mind. The family – Rachel has two small boys, and a soppy spaniel called Dylan – currently share their
garden with five hens, who provide them with eggs, companionship and even cuddles…

enriching your garden ww 2
Health & Welfare

How Chickens Can Enrich your Garden!

Although a little destructive at times, a chicken’s habit to scratch around and dustbathe in our flower beds is rather beneficial in the long run – and we wouldn’t have them any other way! So, we wanted to share these simple reasons why having hens can enrich your garden…

country homes fi
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Country Lifestyle: Keeping Chickens

Find out what’s involved in raising a happy flock of hens and look forward to freshly laid eggs straight from your garden. or many of us, a rural idyll includes contented chickens and fresh eggs daily. But keeping hens is not just the preserve of country dwellers…

featured in article backyard poultry
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Backyard Poultry: Challenging Times for the BHWT

Just before the pandemic, the BJWT build a brand-new Visitor Center in North Devon, England. COVID scuppered their plans to hold courses and events on site, but it’s worked very well for the socially-distanced rehoming.

Red Mite on Wood
Health & Welfare

Help! Red Mite Season is Coming!

You may notice your hens scratching and feather pecking and in extreme cases their combs and wattles will be pale due to anaemia. The most obvious sign of red mite infestation is your hens’ reluctance to enter their coop or change in their perching habits…

hen in hen house
Health & Welfare

Spring Clean Your Way to a Happy Hen House

It seemed like winter would never end but now the days are getting longer, spring bulbs are in bloom. Our hen houses, however, have taken a bit of a beating with lockdown so just as we spring clean our own houses now is the time to spring clean our hen houses.

free-range eggs
Health & Welfare

Why Can’t I Buy Free-range Eggs?

So now you might be asking “where have the free-range eggs gone?” Well, the reason for the sudden disappearance is sadly because of the ongoing housing order.

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