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Momentum Gathering Behind Campaign to Reduce Egg Sizes

Early in 2021, Jane Howorth gave a speech about egg size to a gathering of food writers. That was the start of a new campaign aimed at benefitting farmers, hens and consumers that has grown from strength to strength. Find out why switching to medium and mixed-weight eggs is the future…

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Health & Welfare

Tips on How to Keep Rats Out During Hen Lockdown!

As if Covid-19 lockdowns and tier restrictions weren’t enough to cope with, our hens are now in their own lockdown due to the Avian Influenza outbreaks and the DEFRA housing order. It is now more important than ever that good hygiene and best practices are observed to avoid attracting rats.

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Take a Break: Size Does Matter

Somewhere along the way, we have decided bigger is better. But we know that’s not true. Large and extra-large eggs carry health risks for hens and making the switch to small or mixed weight not only protects the animals but also means farmers get a fairer price for each egg laid. Enjoy eggs at their natural size — without genetic modification.

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Health & Welfare

Creating a Boot Dip at Home

The Avian Influenza virus (AI) is a notifiable disease that can be easily spread by wild birds via droppings and fomites. Basically, dust and dander if you’re wondering. However, there is something that you can easily do to lessen and even eliminate this threat, provide a boot dip at the entrance to your hen house or covered run.

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Health & Welfare

Winter Dust Baths for Your Hens

In this horrible wet weather, there is a shortage of dry dust bath areas for your hens to perform their ablutions. Normally you would find little craters in our flower beds and gardens but from November to March, it’s just not possible for them. Dust baths are important to keep parasites at bay and to clean the feathers.

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People Stories

The Little Hen That Sparked a 96-mile Fundraising Trek

When poor little Pico was adopted by volunteer Lorna McGuinness, she was incredibly thin, couldn’t walk, and spent her first few weeks with her head bowed, looking very sorry for herself. Read more about Lorna and Pico by clicking…

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Health & Welfare

Is It Safe to Feed My Hens Christmas Leftovers?

It’s tempting to think that our hens can join in the festive fun but should you be scraping the leftovers from your Christmas spread into the hen’s feeders? Find out why the answer is always no!

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All I Want for Christmas Is…to Help the Hens!

A Hampshire schoolgirl has written to Father Christmas but not with a wish list of presents for herself, instead, she wants donations to a charity that saves hens from slaughter.

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Health & Welfare

Can Hens Get Zinc Poisoning?

When your hen ingests tiny pieces of zinc through swallowing, this can cause zinc toxicity and can make hens extremely poorly; as many hen feeders and drinkers are made of galvanised metal they should also be checked routinely to spot any corrosion or damage.

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The People’s Friend: Healthy Hens

The British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association recently joined the British Hen Welfare Trust campaign to encourage people to buy smaller eggs.

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Health & Welfare

How to Keep Your Chickens Calm

Believe it or not, hens can get stressed too. A visit from a neighbour’s dog or a close shave with a fox can leave your girls extremely stressed and unsettled. Here are some of our top tips to help you calm your chickens as well as hope to see the signs of stress.

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