firework sky
Health & Welfare

Keeping Hens Happy During Firework Season

Firework season is upon us, and bonfire night itself is nearing, which is terrific news for those of us who enjoy this time of year. But what about our feathered friends who can suffer from stress during this time?

hen in autumn season leaves
Health & Welfare

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Run More Fun This Season

With the Autumn season now showing its colours, and with the days beginning to draw in all too quickly, it is important to pay close attention to your hen’s autumnal needs. It’s important to let your hens out of the hen house for exercise and games!

hen drinking water from a plate with medicine in it
Health & Welfare

Getting Your Hens to Drink Medicated Water

Getting your hens to drink their water when it has antibiotics or liquid medicine in it can be tricky. If you are really struggling to persuade your hen to take medicine in drinking water, try adding a couple of drops of Ribena.

how to avoid mud, hen dustbathing
Health & Welfare

How Do I Avoid a Muddy Chicken Run?

As the months slowly tick over to autumn and winter, the rain in the UK can be inevitable. And with rain, comes the mud. So, what can be done to improve conditions for your hens until the sun starts to shine and we have drier ground again?

rats in the hen house
Health & Welfare

How to Keep Uninvited Rats Away From Your Hen House

It is often said that keeping hens will attract rats – but actually the two do not have to go hand in hand! If you follow these tips you can avoid these unwanted visits – rats are NOT an inevitable consequence of hen keeping!

Sam Sinclair
People Stories

Turning Miles Of Exercise Into Money To Help Our Hens

When we heard about Sam Sinclair completing a half Iron Man – a consecutive 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run – in the name of the BHWT, we all thought the same thing: ‘this man must love hens!’

hen suffering with wry neck
Health & Welfare

What Is Wry Neck and Can I Prevent It?

If you notice that your hen is having difficulty standing, or that her neck twists and it looks like she’s permanently looking upwards, they’ve likely developed wry neck. The good news you’d like to hear, is that it is easily treated…

how does a chicken breathe. chicken facing head on look serious
Health & Welfare

How Does a Chicken Breathe?

You may be thinking, “what do you mean, how do they breathe?” Because surely, chickens breathe like any other animal? Well, it’s actually very different.

Hen welfare, Moulting season
Health & Welfare

Moulting Season

With all this hot and stuffy weather, it’s beginning to feel like summer will go on forever, but it will soon be that time of year again – moulting season!

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