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Boredom Busters For Hens!

Just like us, hens get bored if they don’t have stimulation. They love new ideas and activities, here are a few to keep them hen-tertained.

serious case of bumblefoot
Health & Welfare

What is Bumble Foot?

Does your hen look as if she is wearing overly large carpet slippers? If so, she might have Bumblefoot. The condition doesn’t seem to be painful but this can vary from hen to hen with some hens going lame if not properly looked after.

Health & Welfare

What do my hen’s comb and wattle tell me?

Young hens typically have much smaller combs, often resembling an inverted saw blade. So, if your adult hen has a tiny comb it is likely that she is showing signs of health problems.

hens enjoying probiotic treats
Health & Welfare

Why We Are Pro Probiotics

Probiotic is a word we often use, but what exactly are they and why do our hens need them?

We have all heard about good and bad gut bacteria and gut flora, you can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing adverts for healthy products to balance your gut.

Health & Welfare

How does my hen produce an egg every day?

The humble commercial hybrid hen has been designed and modified over the years to ensure peak egg production and consistency of yield. We’ve listed the process which leads to a hen laying an egg for your breakfast.

virtual marathon ff 1
People Stories

A Virtual Marathon For A Very Real Cause

Ruth Wright and Keith McDevitt will soon be lacing up their trainers and pounding the pavement when they run 26.2 miles, all to raise funds for ex-caged hens.

apple cider vinegar
Health & Welfare

Is Apple Cider Vinegar a natural way to good hen health?

We know that lots of our supporters what to give their hens the best quality of care they can. So, if we had to pick one natural product to give hens on a regular basis, it would be Apple Cider Vinegar.

Health & Welfare

5 Tips to Successfully Merge Flocks

Having to merge new hens to existing hens can be stressful for both you, your flock and the new hens you’ve just brought home. Read our tips on how to make merging your hens more successful.

Kim and Dominic Chandler
People Stories

How Far Would You Walk to Help Hens?

A mother and her son are walking a whopping 32 miles (around 64,000 steps!) to raise funds for the BHWT. Kim Chandler and her 12-year-old son Dominic will leave their six chickens at home when they tackle their challenge along the Basingstoke Canal in August.

Eggs With Barcodes
Health & Welfare

Track and Trace is Also for Hens

If you’ve adopted hens from us then you know that we ask you to register before you adopt. But do you know why? It’s so we can trace them. We keep on looking out for our hens even after they have left our coop for yours…

Heidi Carneau

BHWT Says Bonjour to New Affiliation

This month, we are incredibly proud to announce that we have officially affiliated with a French charity named Champs Libres aux Poules (CLaP), which literally means free fields for hens. We hope that this new charity will touch hearts and minds in France just as the British Hen Welfare Trust has created a groundswell of interest in the UK, raising awareness for hen welfare, promoting hens as pets and making a significant impact on shopping habits with free-range eggs sales growing steadily since we began in 2005.

The Chicken Vet Dergall 100ml
Health & Welfare

Our Best-selling Red Mite Treatment: Dergall

Dergall controls and manages red mites, northern fowl mites and scaly leg mites. Red Mites are nocturnal, so though you may not see them in your hen house, they could still be lurking in there.

Health & Welfare

Beware Foxes! What to do after a fox attack

Whether you’ve witnessed a fox coming into the garden or you’ve witnessed the aftermath of an attack it can be traumatising to you and your flock to deal with. But what do you do after you’ve experienced a fox attack?

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