Ben Garrod With Hen

Special Delivery to Professor Ben Garrod’s Community Project in Bristol

Saturday, September 19th, 2020, Jane hand-delivered twelve very lucky hens to Professor Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist, primatologist and TV broadcaster. Learn about Ben’s project and how he and his neighbours created a mini poultry paradise.

Last Saturday, September 19th, 2020, Jane hand-delivered 12 very lucky hens to Professor Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster. Ben has presented a series and several television shows, including Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur with David AttenboroughBaby Chimp Rescue, and Springwatch, in addition to his own six-part series called Secrets of Bones on BBC Four. He has also presented numerous short films on the One Show.

Ben initially reached out to us via Twitter when he decided to set up a small community project with his neighbours in their beautiful communal garden in Bristol.  Now these 12 hens can enjoy their retirement in their new home thanks to Ben and his community.

Ben has lived and worked all over the world, particularly working on great ape conservation. He spent several years in western Uganda working on the development and management of a leading field site for chimpanzee conservation with the Jane Goodall Institute, where among other things he was responsible for habituating wild chimpanzees. He has also worked in Southeast Asia for an orangutan conservation organisation, in Madagascar studying marine life, and in the Caribbean studying introduced monkeys.

We were lucky enough to spend quite some time with him last Saturday and we sent along our intrepid Social Media producer, Nick, to capture a conversation between Ben and Jane, while getting plenty of great footage about the project and the hens being released into their new forever home. Keep an eye out for more updates from Ben, and us, this week, as we share more about this story on social media.

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