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Tesco to end sale of caged eggs by 2025

Great news – Tesco has pledged to end the sale of colony caged eggs in its stores…unfortunately by 2025!

Tesco has said it will transition to 100% cage-free eggs, moving instead to methods such as barns, free range and organic.

At present, some 43% of the 1.4 billion eggs sold by Tesco each year come from caged eggs, also known as enriched colonies.

Some 57% of eggs sold by Tesco in the UK come from free range or organic methods.

The announcement comes following a campaign led by 14-year-old Lucy Gavaghan who started a petition calling for Tesco to stop selling caged eggs.

We are over the moon that Tesco has made this decision which, in the long run, will lead to better welfare for millions of laying hens, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lucy for the part that she played in seeing this Tesco change of policy.  WELL DONE Lucy!

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