Avian Flu – reporting non-compliance

Posted 13th January 2017 04:03pm by

We know our supporters are abiding by the Defra Prevention Zone regulations and that you are keen to ensure that everyone who keeps poultry is taking the same precautions.

Today we have been advised by the APHA (the Animal and Plant Health Agency is a department within Defra) that if you would like to report non-compliance of the Prevention Zone by a poultry keeper then you should contact the APHA, either through email: customeradvice@apha.gsi.gov.uk or by telephone on 03000 200 301.

You can also contact your local Trading Standards Office, asking for the Animal Health Officer.  It is the local authority which is duty bound to enforce the Defra Prevention Zone regulations and to ensure that birds are being kept inside.

Here is the exact wording from the Defra announcement dated 6 January, 2017:

“If you keep poultry – whether on a commercial scale or simply a small backyard flock – you are now required by law to house them (keep them under cover) or otherwise keep them separate from wild birds. This requirement (the Prevention Zone) has now been extended until 28 February 2017. We have also banned gatherings of poultry across the UK.”

Finally, we know this is a tricky time for all hen keepers, but we can be proud that as responsible owners we are doing all we can to ensure our flocks remain healthy.  We will bring you more tips and advice next week, and in the meantime give your girls a cuddle – now that’s bound to please them!