Not so good egg, Mr Kipling

Posted 30th October 2015 04:00pm by

We recently advised that Mr Kipling has stopped using solely free range eggs  and is now using ‘cage-free’ (barn eggs) as an alternative. As a result we are relaunching our previously successful ‘feather campaign’ to encourage Mr Kipling to revoke this decision to stop using only free range eggs and we would like you to help us. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with Mr Kipling and join our campaign:

By Post

Here are two template letters to choose from as appropriate, which you can print and send off to Mr Kipling on behalf of your hens or simply yourself and your family, attaching feathers for authenticity.

Letter One – for supporters with hens

Letter Two – for supporters without hens

By Email

Or you could send the letter above to Premier Food’s Corporate Affairs Director –

Social Media

Tell Mr Kipling what you think via social media too, simply copy and paste the message below. Use #feathercampaign and let’s see what we can do!

Twitter I support the @BHWTOfficial #feathercampaign, please use solely free range eggs again @MrKiplingCakes!

Facebook I’ve sent my feather in support of the British Hen Welfare Trust, please use solely free range eggs again Mr Kipling! #feathercampaign

The hens that lay eggs for Mr Kipling depend on your hens to help improve their lives…. over to you, wonderful, proactive BHWT supporters.

In the meantime we’ll keep you posted…