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Help Us Build A Nest Egg With Regular Giving

Regular donations are great for us because they mean we can plan for the future and keep our admin costs down – and they work for many of our supporters because the donation can be spread across the year (and changed at any time).  Even a gift of £3 per month, our estimated cost of rehoming one hen, soon adds up to a whole flock of happy hens over the year!

Direct debits help us plan for the future as with regular donations we can budget for supplies and new equipment.  Here are some examples of our costs:

  • £7 – Bale of hen bedding
  • £12 – Sack of poultry feed
  • £20 – Transport carrier for poorly hens
  • £30 – Poultry crate
  • £32 – Poultry feeder
  • £300 – Custom-made tarpaulin (for our trailers)
  • £3,000 – Small customised trailer

To set up a direct debit please click here.  With your help we can ensure more hens get a chance at living a wonderful free range retirement.

And finally, thank you so much to all our supporters who are already donating via direct debit, it means so much to us and to all the lucky hens you have helped us to rehome!

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