Bitteswell Farms

Bitteswell Farms, based in Leicestershire, produces up to 600,000 eggs per week from their flocks of free range birds, making them one of the largest independent free range egg producers in the Midlands.

The family business started with 6 hens owned by their parents in 1958 and is now run by Andrew and Richard Higgins, with Andrew’s sons Will, Charlie and Henry, helping to collect and pack eggs during school holidays.  The brothers are proud to be able to say that they keep it all in-house, rearing thier own pullets from day old chicks on deep litter, milling locally grown grains to produce their own feeds and creating a high quality egg called the Bitteswell Browns.

The business produces eggs on three farms which are Freedom Food and Lion BEIC accredited. Bitteswell Browns can be found in shops throughout the East Midlands including major retailers.

The hens certainly seem to enjoy checking out the neighbours, and how lovely to see them foraging.

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