“We’d like to wish all our friends at the British Hen Welfare Trust a very happy tenth birthday – we’re so proud to partner with such a dedicated and inspiring team.”

Higgidy have been using only free range eggs in their recipes since they first started making pies in 2003.

We joined forces with Higgidy to raise awareness of the use of free range eggs in UK food manufacturing and they are huge supporters of the work we do.

They help us to raise awareness of the charity and promote the work that we do, oh and they give us lots of lovely Higgidy pies for our competition prizes!

Camilla from Higgidy says:

“We are very careful about where we source our ingredients from. Our main ingredients (like beef, chicken, pork and eggs) are all British. We place high value on animal welfare – our chicken, ham and bacon is all ‘Freedom Food’ certified and our eggs are always free range. We won a Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming, and a Good Chicken Award too.”

“The temptation is always to rush things, to make more pies more quickly. But we are serious about giving each stage of the process – and each ingredient – the time it takes to be perfect. So when we make our pastry we are sure to let it ‘rest’ for two hours before rolling it. When we cook a beef stew with lashings of beer we like to cook it for three hours to allow the meat to become tender and almost ‘melt’ in the mouth. We always leave our beef stews for a day before putting them into a pie because the flavours really deepen as it sits and waits. One of the major ingredients in a Higgidy pie is definitely time.”

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