Crochet chickens – we are in need of more please!

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As you know we’re pretty mad about chickens…and we’re especially fond of these cute little crochet chickens!

They were made by Dawn Sparks who has shared her method with us – see below.

We love taking these to events and shows, and people love them, so if any of you are feeling inspired then please do get your knitting needles out and whip us up some. The brighter the better!

Crochet chickens method

Skill: Easy
Materials: Crochet Hook Size F (or 3.75mm), Assorted Scrap Yarns, Craft Wiggly Eyes ½ inch

This is the perfect project to use up all those left over scraps that we all have in our stash! It is easy to adapt this pattern to your favorite colors. Be creative and have fun!

Rooster Body: (You do not have to change colors each row. These look very cute in a variegated yarn or solid for all three rows.)

First row: With color of choice ch4 and 17dc in 4th ch from hook, join to make a closed circle
Row 2: With color of choice chain 3, 2dc in each dc of row 1, join to first ch3
Third row: With color of choice chain 3, 2dc in each dc of previous row, join to first chain 3.
Row 4: With color of choice, ch1. Fold circle in half to form a “crescent” shape, join the edges of
crescent shape by working a sc into the dc of front and back of crescent. Finish off and weave in
Note: I simply leave the tails of the previous rounds encased in the middle of the crescent shape.
Beak: (use color of choice…I prefer an orange or bright yellow)

At the right point of the crescent, insert the crochet hook and pull up a loop and chain 2. Turn and work a hdc in next sc and then cut yarn leaving a tail of about 7 inches and thread through a tapestry needle and weave in the end into the body of the rooster. Weave in beginning tail of beak as well.


Rooster legs: Use the same color as you used on the beak. Locate the center bottom of the rooster’s body. You will work the front leg first and then the back. Pull up a loop in the stitch that is to the right of the center and chain 8 (for longer legs ch 13). Slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook and next chain, Chain 3 and slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook and next chain, chain 3 and slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook and next chain. (you will now have 3 chicken toes formed!) Join to the first chain of the first toe and slip stitch all the way up the leg, Turn and sc in next stitch of rooster body and work the second leg in the same manner. Cut ends and weave them in.

Comb and wattle

The comb and wattle: At the top of the beak where it meets the tip of the rooster body, in color of choice (red or orange, or rust) pull up a loop and chain 5, sc in next st, ch5, sc in next stitch, ch5 sc in next stitch. Weave ends into the body of the rooster. At the bottom of the beak, pull up a loop and chain 8, sc in same stitch. Using one of the ends tack the inside part of the loop to the rooster body and weave in the end, weave in the remaining end into the body of the rooster.


And finally…the tail: On the opposite point of the crescent, pull up a loop and ch 12, sc in same st, repeat 2 more times. Cut ends and weave them into the body. Glue a craft wiggly eye on each side of the rooster and attach a hanger for the ornament. I suggest a hanger by making a chain of 45 and attaching it to the top center of the rooster and weaving the ends into the body.

This rooster was done using a “tweed” patterned yarn and black for the feet and beak! Use your imagination and have fun!

For more information visit Dawn’s blog at

Please send your crochet chickens to Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, EX36 4RF making sure you include your name and contact details so we can thank you!