Popstar-turned-turkey-farmer spontaneously adopts ex-bats after stumbling upon re-homing

Posted 4th July 2017 10:39am by

An ex-popstar has re-homed a trio of ex-battery hens destined for the slaughterhouse after passing a re-homing while out for a walk with his family.

JB Gill, who was in boyband JLS, ended up taking three of the hens home with him after discovering that the British Hen Welfare Trust was carrying out a re-homing in Biggin Hill in Kent.

JB, who is now a turkey farmer, and wife Chloe are neighbours of Foal Farm. They regularly walk their dog in the area and know that events at Foal Farm often require people to be stationed at the junction to Jail Lane. They were told there were hens being re-homed and so decided to check it out as part of their walk that day.

JB and Chloe have farm animals themselves; they rear KellyBronze Turkeys and keep Tamworth pigs. They had two chickens and had more than enough space to add to that number so, duly persuaded by their young son, Ace, decided to re-home three hens.

JB said: “The hens settled in brilliantly. We expected that our existing chickens and also the hens, would stop laying while they became acquainted with one another.

“However, Monday morning welcomed three fresh eggs to collect and on Tuesday morning, there were four fresh eggs to collect! We are looking forward to sampling them soon!”

If you would like to re-home some hens from Foal Farm there is a re-homing taking place on Sunday, 25 June. Simply make sure you are registered and then call 01884 860084 to book your hens.