Allen & Page Hen Feed Bundle

Allen and Page – The Smallholder Range

Loved by hens, the Allen and Page – Smallholder Range is now available on our online store! You can relax knowing that whether your hens love Layers Mash, Layers Pellets or Mixed Corn, all feeds in the Smallholder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal by-products. Allen and Page select only the highest quality vegetable oils for their feeds, while their vitamins are not covered in traditional gelatine coating like many other vitamin manufacturers, including some human vitamins that you buy yourself, making Allen and Page completely vegetarian friendly.

Only products formulated without genetically modified ingredients are approved by the Vegetarian Society. The Allen and Page mill is totally drug-free –

  • NO antibiotics
  • NO coccidiostats
  • NO growth promoters

Using only the very finest ingredients, the Smallholder Range provides well-balanced feeds designed for animals being raised more naturally.

Also, the high-quality Mixed Corn or Super Mixed Corn provides your hens with a delicious afternoon treat and will help to fill up their tummies for a comfortable night’s sleep. Mixed Corn is also a great extra for your hens in the winter as it helps to keep them nice and toastie overnight, as the corn breaks down in their crop it warms them up from the inside, out.

Allen and Page feed is now available in bundles such as the AI Essentials bundle which include 1 x Layers Crumble, 2 x Layers Pellets and 1 x Mixed Corn. All with postage and packaging included in the price.

Buy it now while stocks last!

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