Ruffled feathers Mr Kipling?

Posted 26th November 2015 02:03pm by

A big thanks to all of you who joined our #feathercampaign following the news that Mr Kipling had stopped using solely free range eggs.  Our message was reported in The Grocer magazine who commented that ‘Premier Foods has defended its switch to using barn eggs for the manufacture of Mr Kipling cakes after it came under fire from the free-range charity the British Hen Welfare Trust.’ A Premier Foods spokesman told the Grocer ‘We understand and accept that those who would prefer to use free-range eggs may disagree with our decision. However, it’s important that we remain competitive in the market.’

Come on Mr K! You indulged in a multi-million pound marketing campaign to promote your exceedingly good free range label, and then slipped your ‘cage-free’ policy into place having made everyone feel all warm and cosy about eating free range fancies.  We think consumers should have a fair opportunity to make an informed decision about the food they buy, so please either make it clear on your packaging that you now use barn eggs or better still offer a premium brand using free range eggs.

If you haven’t already sent a letter from your hens, we ask you again to politely persuade Mr Kipling to bring back his free range policy – here are our template letters:

Letter One – for supporters with hens

Letter Two – for supporters without hens

There are also a a number of other ways you can get in touch with Mr Kipling and join our campaign – take a look:

By Email

You could send the letter above to Premier Food’s Corporate Affairs Director –

Social Media

Or tell Mr Kipling what you think via social media, simply copy and paste the message below. Use #feathercampaign and let’s see what we can do!

Twitter I support the @BHWTOfficial #feathercampaign, please use solely free range eggs again @MrKiplingCakes!

Facebook I’ve sent my feather in support of the British Hen Welfare Trust, please use solely free range eggs again Mr Kipling! #feathercampaign

The hens that lay eggs for Mr Kipling depend on your hens to help improve their lives…. over to you, wonderful, proactive BHWT supporters.