Running for the hens…

Posted 27th May 2016 11:01am by

Pictured here is the wonderful Emma Carter-Nash, who is running the Hull 10k to raise money for the BHWT – go Emma!

Emma re-homed five girls through us back in 2015, saying she had always wanted hens but didn’t want to just buy them.

“After looking charities up we found yourselves and gave you a call to get more information,” she said.

“On September 13, 2015 we came to the York re-homing day and got five hens – Babs, Jacky, Dorothy, Cilla and Penny.”

Emma had signed up for the run and decided to raise some money for the BHWT, giving herself a target of £50. However she’s smashed that target already by raising £120, and is hoping for more!

“I think people need to look into where their eggs come from and what happens to the hens once the commercial companies are done with them, and realise what great work you guys do,” added Emma.

Visit Emma’s JustGiving page to make a donation.