Runny Eggs

Posted 30th June 2017 10:53am by

Whether you’re a complete beginner aiming for your first 5K, or a seasoned runner training for your next marathon – people will sponsor you and raise money to make more hens happy. Even a small amount from each of your friends can make a real difference to our work.

You can also take part in a Couch to 5k challenge – a fantastic 9 week programme designed to get people off the couch and running 5k in 9 weeks.

Cate Moss

Cate Moss ran the Great North Run last year and raised £269 for us, even though she had never ran a race before:

She said: “Do it! The whole day was so much fun and with the BHWT you can see your money making a difference straightaway, that’s why I chose this charity over a huge charity, plus everyone has been so lovely and helpful.”

Her chickens were of course her inspiration:

“I have my own chickens who I love to bits and seeing how loving they can be made me care so much for their welfare.”

Becky Bridges

Becky Bridges is bravely running the Furlong Fury to raise funds for us; a 5km run including severalobstacles such as cargo net crawls, flying monkey bars and ice baths!

So far she has raised £26 of her £100 target, please help her support us by sponsoring her on her JustGiving page:

Let us know what you are planning to do and we’ll guide and support you every step of the way. Email with any questions or potential fundraising ideas.  You can also have a look and see what other supporters have done on our website: offers an easy way to ask for donations online and automatically organises Gift Aid payment to us.