She shall go to the ball

Posted 30th November 2017 03:54pm by

An ex-commercial laying hen recently had her life transformed from rags to riches after being re-homed by her very own fairy Godmother.

Cinderella, or Ella for short, was one of six lucky ladies saved from slaughter and adopted by Chelsea Watson at a hen collection carried out by the British Hen Welfare Trust in Coventry.

She initially arrived in a threadbare state but, after her transformation into a fully feathered princess, she is now living life like there is no midnight.

Chelsea told us: “Our six ex-colony hens have all settled into their new home wonderfully and have quickly became very interactive with us.

“They have even been photobombing my sister Maddi’s prom photos. We named this lovely hen Cinderella as she wanted to go to the ball too!”

As well as re-homing commercial hens, the British Hen Welfare Trust educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for the British egg industry. Its ultimate aim is to see consumers and food manufacturers buying only UK produced free range eggs, resulting in a strong British egg industry where all commercial laying hens enjoy a good quality life.

The charity will be carrying out their next hen re-homing in Coventry on Sunday, 30th July. Anyone interested in giving a few down-on-their-cluck hens a second chance is urged to call the charity’s re-homing team at Hen Central on 01884 860084, or email