Runners, Spartans and Fundraisers!

Posted 7th September 2018 10:30am by

Here at BHWT we consider ourselves eggs-tremely lucky to have such amazing and dedicated supporters; and “amazing” and “dedicated” are two words that definitely apply to fundraisers Nick Wall and John Melbourne.

John’s Spartathlon:

On 28th September John will be undertaking the Spartathlon – which is every bit as grand as it sounds!

Spartathlon is a non-stop 152 mile foot race in Greece. Starting at the Acropolis in Athens. John will have 36 hours to arrive at Sparta. The finish rate can be as low as 30% due to the heat and brutal cut offs. Training will involve 100 mile weeks, double days and lots of sweat and tears. John, we wish you the best of luck!

In John’s words, “As Charles Darwin once said, The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”.

You can support John by visiting his JustGiving page:


Nick’s Chicken Run:

Back in the UK, Nick will be taking part in the Cardiff half-marathon on 7th October.

Nick said, “I’m a big fan of chickens.  My wife Lisa and I have been giving a home to rescued ex-battery hens (‘ex-bats’) since 2008. It’s a real joy to see these fantastic birds – each with their own unique personality – living out the final years of their lives in freedom after years of non-stop egg laying.

Despite the higher welfare cages that replaced the battery system in 2012, cages still typically hold around 80 hens.  It’s a hell of a life.  So, imagine being able to see the grass, feel the sun and breath fresh air for the very first time.  This is what awaits those ex-bats fortunate enough to be rescued and re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT).

The BHWT’s work not only brings relief for ex-bats and pleasure to their new owners, they also do a great deal of work in the community such as educational visits to schools and visiting older peoples’ homes, where the ex-bats are always the star of the show.

This is why I want to help the BHWT – so they can rescue and re-home even more of these beautiful and sensitive birds, who deserve a better life than the one they’ve endured.”

Thank you Nick, good luck on the day, we’ll be thinking of you!

You can support Nick by visiting his JustGiving page: