Spoil your hens with treats in moderation

Posted 4th June 2015 01:52pm by

Everyone likes to spoil their beloved pets with treats and you, our lovely ex-bat hen owners are no different…

However it is important to remember that treats should make up only a tiny part of your hens’ diet, you see even hens can suffer from obesity! Kitchen scraps are fine for your girls in moderation (BUT is technically illegal), good quality treats like the Hentastic Treats​ Forage Feed (show below) designed specifically for hens are far more beneficial, if fed correctly.

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Hentastic Foraging Feed

Nutritious and delicious foraging pellets for your hens containing only the highest quality, natural and healthy ingredients.  Sure to be a winner with your feathered girls and boys – all of our ‘testers’ gave them a big thumbs up!  And, it helps chickens to use their natural foraging behavior – great for stimulating the mind …and feet!  High in protein and vitamins A, B & C it comes in two tasty varieties: garlic, ginger and mixed herbs or mint and parsley.

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