Sponsor a Hen

Even if you don’t have room to rehome a hen, you can still adopt one of our girls with a Sponsor a Hen pack.

Sponsoring a hen for 12 months at only £4 a month is the ideal way to get to know a hen and learn about her adventures as she enjoys her free-range retirement. We’ll send an initial sponsorship pack containing everything you need to know about your chosen feathered friend, as well as a six month update to let you know how she is getting along. You can also choose to pay £48 up front.

These packs are lovely to keep for yourself or to give as a gift to those family members who are particularly hard to buy for! Whatever your reason for sponsoring one of our hens, your sponsorship will go towards saving more from slaughter.

So sponsor a hen and follow her as she discovers the wonders of the outside world and relaxes into retirement, and help more hens like her do exactly the same.

We’ve sold more than a thousand sponsor a hen packs since they were introduced and raised valuable income for the charity. Here’s what’s included:

  • Sponsor a Hen story and certificate
  • A BHWT magnet and car sticker
  • Two beautiful postcards

Simply pick your chosen hen below to get started!

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