Sponsor a Hen - Lucille

Lucille started life as a nervous, tatty-looking hen, but she soon rose through the ranks to establish her position near the top of the pecking order!

One of her favourite things is food, and Lucille is always at the front of the queue when treats are being dished out.

Lucille is a unique little hen, just like every single one of the 750,000+ hens who have been rehomed by the British Hen Welfare Trust. By sponsoring her you’ll be helping many more hens wing their way to a free-range retirement. You’ll also get regular updates about Lucille, including her latest cabbage-related antics!

Every hen sponsored is a boost for the charity, so thank you for your support.

Simply click below to set up your Direct Debit. You can also pay the full annual amount if you wish. Once you have set up your Direct Debit we will contact you regarding a delivery date for your pack.

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