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What are Lash Eggs?

Occasionally you may come across an abnormal object in your nest box that is neither egg nor dropping. Lash eggs result from an infection (bacterial or viral) that causes inflammation of a hen’s oviduct. The infection is referred to as Salpingitis.

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What do my hen’s comb and wattle tell me?

Young hens typically have much smaller combs, often resembling an inverted saw blade. So, if your adult hen has a tiny comb it is likely that she is showing signs of health problems.

broody hen sitting on a nest
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Is my hen broody? 5 tips on how to help your hen

Do you have a broody hen? Any hen can become broody at any time, broodiness is a natural tendency that all hens have that makes them want to sit on and hatch a clutch of eggs. Here are 5 tips on how you can help your hen.