dust bath

hen enjoying a dust bath
Health & Welfare

Winter Dust Baths for Your Hens

In this horrible wet weather, there is a shortage of dry dust bath areas for your hens to perform their ablutions. Normally you would find little craters in our flower beds and gardens but from November to March, it’s just not possible for them. Dust baths are important to keep parasites at bay and to clean the feathers.

Health & Welfare

Diatomaceous Earth Powder; What It Is and How to Use It

So what do you do if you do have Red Mite? Diatomaceous Earth, or DE for short, can be used on animals and birds to treat against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), and even internal parasites (worms).

Health & Welfare

Let’s Talk Lice

Lice are often found on hens that are debilitated or unwell. Live adult lice are visible to the naked eye are golden in colour, approx. 3mm long, and lay white eggs (nits) on the hen. Let’s talk about their life cycles…