chicken dust bathing
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Chicken dust bath: The ultimate spa treatment

There is nothing nicer on a warm day than watching your hens happily dust bathing. We almost have to forgive the craters that they create in our flower beds and gardens for the sheer joy of seeing hens engaging in this wonderful activity!

a hen spreading its wings and flying through the air
Health & Welfare

Wing clipping – Do I need to do it?

We’ve all seen Chicken Run, so there’s no need for us to tell you that chickens aren’t the best flyers. Yet chicken wing clipping is still something we get asked about from time to time, so here’s some clarification for you…

Health & Welfare

Everything you need to know about Vent Gleet

One day your hen has a lovely fluffy bottom the next she has a nasty sticky yellow-white paste around her vent and soiling her beautiful feathers. Learn how to spot the signs that your poor little hen has developed vent gleet.

hen answering calls for the hen helpline
Health & Welfare

What is the Hen Helpline?

Our goal is to always help hens, all kinds of hens, whatever the challenges we face. That’s why in 2020 we rebranded our advice line as the new Hen Helpline, a service to give advice to backyard hen keepers when their hens were under the weather.

hen suffering with wry neck
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What is wry neck and can I prevent it?

If you notice that your hen is having difficulty standing, or that her neck twists and it looks like she’s permanently looking upwards, they’ve likely developed wry neck. The good news you’d like to hear, is that it is easily treated…

serious case of bumblefoot
Health & Welfare

What is Bumble Foot?

Does your hen look as if she is wearing overly large carpet slippers? If so, she might have Bumblefoot. The condition doesn’t seem to be painful but this can vary from hen to hen with some hens going lame if not properly looked after.

hens enjoying probiotic treats
Health & Welfare

Why we are pro probiotics

Probiotic is a word we often use, but what exactly are they and why do our hens need them?

We have all heard about good and bad gut bacteria and gut flora, you can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing adverts for healthy products to balance your gut.

the Uropygial gland hen
Health & Welfare

The Uropygial Gland explained

Ever wondered what that small bump is at the base of your hen’s tail? That would be the Uropygial Gland! The Uropygial Gland is more commonly known as the ‘oil gland’ or the ‘preen gland’ and plays an important role in helping your hen to keep her feathers waterproof and in good condition.

broody hen sitting on a nest
Health & Welfare

Is my hen broody? 5 tips on how to help your hen

Do you have a broody hen? Any hen can become broody at any time, broodiness is a natural tendency that all hens have that makes them want to sit on and hatch a clutch of eggs. Here are 5 tips on how you can help your hen.