Team Berkely - Ruth Howell
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All in a Day’s Work for Team Berkeley in Gloucestershire

Fifteen months ago, on a wet and windy weekend in Berkeley, the main BHWT Gloucester volunteer team was established. Although the team has now doubled in size, on their induction day they were a small, inexperienced group eager to throw themselves into every aspect of rehoming. Ruth Howell, the coordinator at Team Berkley, tells us all about how she started at the BHWT…

Ruth Burroughs and Jan
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A Hen’s Tale of Hope

Ruth Burroughs is one of our volunteers at Team Cornwall. She’s been with us for over six years now and kindly helps out by taking care of some of the poorly hens that we sometimes find when we collect hens from the farm. This month we spoke to her about a particularly poorly hen she connected with — a hen called Jan.

Jane Osgathorp
In Conversation With

In Conversation With: Jane Osgathorp

By day, Jane is an NHS nurse, and lately, her job has become a mammoth task, taking on the responsibility of keeping the country going during this pandemic. But by night, Jane is also a poorly carer for the BHWT.

Leila Scobie
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Hen Hotel

Leila Scobie, one of our amazing Team Scotland volunteers shares her journey from hen welfare to creating The Happy Hen Hotel.

Hen Being Held
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Poorly Carers and Foster Homes Needed

Could you take in sick or injured hens if needed? On average our teams rehome 300 to 400 hens on a collection day and may find 3-6 hens in each collection that we do not consider fit enough to be rehomed the same day. If this happens, could you take in foster hens? Learn more here.

Helping Hens Gro Organic
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Gro-ing in Confidence

One of our education volunteers recently ran a talk with a very special group who wanted to learn more about their recently adopted hens.