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Thank You wall

Hen Central

Years in the making, the centre would simply not have been built were it not for the incredible support and generosity of our supporters.

Anyone who donated towards the centre will have their name included on our thank you wall in the centre, which has been delayed due to the Covid pandemic, but which we are working on as we speak.

We of course are keen to ensure we include the name of every single person who donated, so have set up this page on our website where you can see your details.

If you have donated and do not see your name on the page, or your details are incorrect, we ask you to kindly contact us via the form below so this can be rectified.


Ross Adams
Jo and Rich Adey
Anna Albert
Lacey and Joe Allen
Laura Anderson
Russ Annis
Heleana Aylett
Wendy Ayling
Beryl Baker
Lisa Bassett
Peggy Battersby
John Beard
Jacqy Beavis
Caroline Bodger
Jean Bovingdon
John Brinded
Dale Buck
Gordon Bulloch
Drew and Carole Cameron
Andrew Carr
Carrie Cawdron
June Hanna
Adrian Cobb
Estelle Cobb
Philip Colley
Jenny and Brian Colvin
Valerie Coney
David Cox
Paul and Charlotte Darlow
Jill Davidson
Gaynor Davies
Caroline Davis
Gay Davis
Brin Cooke and Hazel Derbyshire
Nicola Dinnage
Sharon Doncaster
Jennifer D’Orville
Nicholas Dowding
Janice Duncan
Karen Dunn
Peter Dypoldt
Julie Eccleston
Michael and Shirley Endean
Mary Faircloth
Cindy Farrington
Michael and Madeleine Farrington
Michelle Feebery
Daniel Finnimore
Clare Flint
Pat Forster
Joanna Forward
Georgina Gates
Lizzie & Ky Gatherer
Michael Gatti
Paul and Julia Gladwell
Marlene Gray
John Griffiths
David Griffiths
Lesley Haag
Jo Hall
Adele and Michael Hall
Linda Hall
Amy Hamilton
Jo Harris
Jacqui Harrison
Robert Hayes
Sharon Hayes
Bill Hazelwood
Sieglinde Heath
Sarah Henderson
Helen Herbert
Elizabeth Holloway
David Howard
Jane Howorth MBE
Gareth and Anne Hughes
Christina Hunt
David and Joanna Hunt
Lady Anne Iliffe
Philip Jackson
Victoria Janes
Chris Jarrett
Jill Jarvis
Christina and Barrie Jasper
Elizabeth Johnson
Vanessa Johnstone
Helen Jones
Susan Kang
Elizabeth Keam
Laura Keightley
Yvonne Brunotte and Kim Wendt
Verena Kley
John Landis
Christine Lattimer
Julie Lavington
Helen and Graham Lawrence
Claire Levey
Beau Riffenburgh and Liz Cruwys
Simon Lloyd
Julie MacIvor
Georgia Maclean-Henry
Lady Penelope Anthea Madden
Sue Boyes-Korkis and Malcolm Clark
Susan Manning
David and Sarah Marek
Steph Martin
Kyle Martyn-Clark
Michael McArdle
June McConnell
Liz McConnell
Laura McCulloch
Paul and Kate McMahon
Mac and Andy McPhillips
Anthony Meredith
Mary Moore
Paul Nash
Jackie Nayler
Angela Norman
Julie Ovey
Ann Parr
Juliette Payne
Mary Pope
Laura Pound
Clare and Ollie Rant
Elise Rasmussen
Everal Regelous
Lynda Reynolds-Smith
Deborah Riddle
Denise Roberts
Hannah Robinson
Katy Rosewell
Amanda Rummings
Katherine Sainty
Amanda Scott
Patricia Searle
Anne Sharrard
Caroline Simkin
Sian Sims
Jackie Smith
Melanie Smith
Jacob Smith
Sue Somerville
Amanda Stanley
Poppy Stavraki
Colin Stubbs
Emma Tait
Richard Thompson
Rachael Titley
Anne Tolleson
Oregon The Top Hen
Adam Wait
Alison Ward
Tracy and Peter Warner
Jill Watson
Ian Watson
Cerys Watson
Ali Watts
Kevin and Bernice Watts
Sarah Webb
Alan Webster
Andrew Welsher
Chris and Val Whitcombe
Ann White
Melanie Whiteman
Alan Wilson
Audrey Wilson
Wendy Corrigan


The Michael Testler Charitable Foundation
The Fairness Foundation
The Ostacchini Family Charitable Trust
The Jane and Michael Davies Charitable Trust
Gerefa Charitable Trust
The William Dean Countryside and Educational Trust
The Sylvia and Colin Shepherd Charitable Trust
Petplan Charitable Trust
The Primrose Trust
The Animal Defence Trust
Friends of Willow Farm
The Walker 597 Trust


Café One, Transunion Ltd
Dengie Crops Ltd
Yeo Valley
Allen & Page
Natures Grub
Lynda’s Lifts
W&H Marriage & Sons