The Peckingham Palace has landed

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The Peckingham Palace has landed

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Introducing the British Hen Welfare Trust’s (BHWT) first hen house, the Peckingham Palace, available exclusively through the charity and suitable for up to 5 medium sized hens.

Handmade in rural Dorset by Flytes so Fancy, from the very best Scandinavian Redwood with heavy duty galvanised, marine quality brass fittings, this unique hen house been designed with your ex-bats in mind.

The charities founder, Jane Howorth, has worked with the team at Flyte so Fancy to achieve a design that is unique to the BHWT:

ComfortThe unique design allows you to shut ventilation down to a trickle, designed to help the more threadbare girls adjust when they first come out of the farm, and which can be opened back up as your girls re-feather.

RefugeThe ‘Refuge Run’ option gives the hen at the bottom of the pecking order a place to get out of the way, and makes it easier to put down additional feeders and drinkers, which can’t all be monopolised by the top hen. This ensures all your hens have access to food and drink.

Recuperation – A solid walkway to the pop hole which will encourage them to put themselves to bed each night.

Simple cleaning – with external lift-off nest boxes, a large back door for easy access, and a removable dirt tray to make cleaning simple.

A donation of £50 from the sale of each Peckingham Palace will go to British Hen Welfare Trust