The pesky Red Mite – better solutions?

Posted 25th June 2015 03:05pm by

We are not the only ones enjoying the sunshine, inevitably the ubiquitous red mite is taking full advantage of the increasing warmth and is breeding fast.  There are so many products on the market that claim to eradicate the little red devils, and this season we are trialling two products from Chicken Vet: Mite Powder (currently available in our on line shop) and Predator Mites, available very soon.

The Mite Powder is proving very successful thus far; it’s been used for 2 weeks and is steadily eradicating the mites.   Having used similar Diatomaceous Earth-based products previously, the Chicken Vet puffer dispenser seems to hold the key to making sure every red mite gets a good coating.  It’s proving easy and effective to use in the hen house, and liberally puffing some powder on each bird as she perches, tickling it into her feathers and lifting a wing and puffing powder underneath with another little tickle ensures a good spread.  It took about 7 minutes to treat 16 hens and house.

More aggressive Predator Mites than previously available are currently under trial and we will give you more information through our blog on these, so you can ensure you give your hens the best mite-free summer possible.