Forever Helping Hens

We all know the effect hens can have on our lives. Every now and then we hear from someone whose hens have had such an impact on them that they have kindly left us a legacy so that we can carry on helping more of their feathered friends. Some also accept donations in lieu of flowers at funerals and donate the money to us. These people are forever helping hens and this is a place to celebrate them.

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Julie Lavington

The charity received a series of kind donations after our supporter, Julie Lavington, sadly passed away. Julie, who adopted hens from the BHWT in January 2018, was a member of Sing Now Choir. They raised £162.02 at an even where people where members were given chicken brooches to remember her by. An additional £37.86 was […]

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Jez Gelsthorpe

Jez, pictured here with beloved hen Lexi, fell under the ex-bat spell after meeting his partner Wendy. A donation was made to the BHWT in lieu of flowers after Jez's funeral, for which we are forever grateful.