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The BHWT supports British egg farmers farming to high welfare standards, and wants to see farming remain strong in the UK where there is a desire to continue to improve welfare standards for laying hens. We have supported the EU laying hen’s directive, but following its implementation there is now a competitive threat to the EU egg industry from food manufactures choosing to use eggs produced in either non-compliant production systems in the EU and/or manufactured from conventional ‘battery’ cage production systems outside of the EU. These issues have been highlighted as major areas of concern by the British Egg Industry Council, British Free Range Egg Producers Association, British Egg Products Association, NFU Cymru and a UK parliamentary committee investigating the implications of the welfare of egg laying hen’s directive for the egg industry.

To counteract this problem, we are seeking political support for the implementation of a production method labelling scheme for foods with egg as an ingredient across the EU. This campaign is supported by the British Egg Industry Council. We propose such a scheme would require manufactures to add country of origin and production method labelling information to ingredients list by name i.e. Ingredients: barn egg (UK), free-range egg (UK), colony egg (UK), conventional caged egg (non-EU).

Such a labelling scheme will inform consumers of the welfare provenance of the egg within their food and minimise the impact of egg product produced in either non-compliant systems within the EU or conventional caged systems outside of the EU, being on sale in the EU and undermining compliant egg farmers.

We require your help to gain support from politicians in the UK (MPs & MSPs) and Europe (MEPs) to adopt production method labelling for foods with egg as an ingredient.

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Sample Letter

Use the sample letter provided to urge your MP/MEP/SMP to support BHWT's campaign (or using your own words) please contact your representative politicians and ask them to support this campaign, and be sure to send us a copy of their responses.

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