Campaign for Happy Hens

Start crowing about free range farming – talking about caged hens is one of the best ways to enlist support. Tell your family, friends and work colleagues they too can help the campaign to take hens out of cages simply by selecting products that use eggs from welfare friendly sources. Of course, those of our supporters who offer free range retirement to some ex-bats have the perfect excuse to spread the word about their feathered family members; in fact left to their own devices, the hens will do a pretty good PR job themselves!

Many supermarkets acknowledge the growing trend towards ethical eating and as well as offering free range shell eggs, offer processed food products containing free range eggs or egg derivatives. Please support these hen friendly supermarkets, take the time to tell a member of staff that is why you choose to shop there or fill in a customer comments form so you can be sure that management get to hear your views.

Drop a line – there are many ways in which you can help caged hens by writing to your local MP, your local supermarket or direct to food manufacturers.

Currently, we are campaigning for the implementation of a production method labelling scheme for foods using egg as an ingredient across the EU.