Warmer weather is on its way

Posted 10th April 2017 11:34am by

The weather is getting warmer and, as a result, APHA (part of Defra) has issued advice about how best to keep your girls cool, particularly if you are in a high risk area.

The agency said: “If you are in a Higher Risk Area and your birds are housed it is especially important to keep a close eye on them in warmer weather to ensure they remain comfortable and healthy.

“Check them regularly and ensure they have enough water and sufficient ventilation. You should monitor the maximum temperature and take action if it significantly exceeds 21oC for adult birds or around 13oC for adult ducks.

“Detailed advice on the welfare of housed birds is available here.

“If you are in a Higher Risk Area and concerned for housed birds’ welfare in warm weather you should seek alternative ways to keep them separate from wild birds, such as netting, or contact your local APHA vet on 03000 200 301.”

If you girls aren’t in a high risk area but you’d still like some advice on keeping them cool in hot weather, we have lots of guidance on our website, here.