Wedding bells & donations

Posted 28th August 2015 03:04pm by

You really can do anything to raise money. You can hold a Free Range Friday, run a marathon, swim the English channel or you can even ask your friends and family to contribute donations, rather than gifts, at your wedding like supporters Sarah and John. So far they have raised £125 with more to come.

Congratulations Sarah and John, thank you for asking your guests to support us in such a special and personal way.

Where do your donations go? We are on a mission to see every hen enjoy a free range future. It costs us just under £10 in feed, equipment and hen first aid care etc to give 3 hardworking hens a second chance in a happy retirement home. And with the incredible support of people like Sarah and John, in just 10 years we have already re-homed 475,949 lucky girls.

What will you do to help more hens see a free range future? Take a look at our Raise Funds page for more ways you can get involved.