What should I feed my new ex-bat hens?

Posted 20th May 2015 10:22am by

What should I feed my new ex-bat hens? Is a question we are often asked…

When our hens come out from the commercial system they have only ever eaten a fine milled mash or crumb, so if you offer them pellets or corn they will very often say “eh, what’s that?”! We have tried and tested the Allen & Page Smallholder Range Natural Free Range layers crumble on our very own girls and they all gave it a very big claws up!

If you’ve just adopted some new ex-battery girls you might like to try our ‘Thank You for Adopting Me’ feed bundle which has all your hens need for their free range retirement.  Nom nom nom… your girls will also love this 100% natural feed range!

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Our ‘Thank You for Adopting Me‘ bundle

Back by popular demand!  We are delighted to be able to offer you a selection from the Smallholder Range by high quality feed manufacturer, Allen & Page.

The ‘Thank You for Adopting Me’ Bundle, all you need to set up your small flock of 3 – 4 hens in our one-stop-chicken-shop!

Bundle includes: 1 x Crumble, 2 x Pellets and 1 x Mixed Corn, all for £18.80 *All bags are 5kg

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PLEASE NOTE – we are only able to deliver to England and Wales at the moment.

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