Writer, broadcaster and entertainer Pam Ayres adopts four ex-commercial hens

Posted 4th July 2017 10:25am by

Pam Ayres, patron of the British Hen Welfare Trust, has re-homed four of her own ex-commercial hens.

The hens were brought out of their cages on Sunday, 30 April and have gone to live in Pam’s orchard in Gloucestershire.

Pam became patron of the charity, which re-homes around 50,000 ex-bats a year, in 2006.

She said: “I’ve re-homed these girls and I’ve done it before and it is tremendously rewarding. These are just out of their cages and they are pretty poor looking, but when they’ve been here in this nice orchard for a few weeks with fresh air and sunshine you’d be astounded by the difference. And they’re going to lay lots of eggs for me so it’s well worth doing! It’s also a humane thing to do as well so they get a second chance.

“So if you’ve got space for a couple of hens and you’d like to give them a nice home after their long period in cages, just get in touch with us.”