About us

Since 2005 the British Hen Welfare Trust has been rescuing hens from slaughter and rehoming them as pets throughout the UK. Working with farmers in the egg industry, we designed and developed the original rehoming model and have rehomed over 850,000 hens to date.

In 2016 BHWT Founder, Jane Howorth, received an MBE for her tireless work raising awareness of commercial laying hens helping to bring about the ban on battery cages in 2012.
Jane’s collaborative and positive campaigning style has been described as pioneering, finding win/win solutions for both the egg industry and hens alike. Along with other organisations, one of Jane’s most successful efforts was persuading Hellmann’s to produce a free-range only mayonnaise and, as a result, tens of thousands of hens now enjoy an improved free-range lifestyle.
We believe all laying hens deserve to enjoy a natural lifestyle which includes space to roam on open pasture, enjoyment of fresh air and sunshine, the ability to scratch for insects and the opportunity to lay an egg in a nest.
In addition to our rehoming efforts, we work closely with government agencies and veterinary institutions to develop programmes and practices to improve hen welfare in both the commercial and domestic sectors.
We offer expert information and guidance online for pet hen keepers and provide a ‘Hen Helpline’ service for advice on caring for sick hens.
We have also developed an educational programme providing resources to schools in order to help pupils explore the connections between food, farming and animal welfare.
Recently, we have started researching and developing a ‘Hens as Therapy’ programme to assist those with mental health issues.
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