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Everything You Need to Know About Vent Gleet

One day your hen has a lovely fluffy bottom the next she has a nasty sticky yellow-white paste around her vent and soiling her beautiful feathers. Learn how to spot the signs that your poor little hen has developed vent gleet.

hen with exposed crop
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An Issue That Keeps Cropping Up; Hen Crop Issues

Problems with the crop is sometimes hard to get to the bottom of when you don’t know what to look for. Find out more about your hen’s crop, the issues to watch out for and what you can do to help your hen if you can’t get a vet’s help straight away.

how does a chicken breathe. chicken facing head on look serious
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How Does a Chicken Breathe?

You may be thinking, “what do you mean, how do they breathe?” Because surely, chickens breathe like any other animal? Well, it’s actually very different.

serious case of bumblefoot
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What is Bumble Foot?

Does your hen look as if she is wearing overly large carpet slippers? If so, she might have Bumblefoot. The condition doesn’t seem to be painful but this can vary from hen to hen with some hens going lame if not properly looked after.

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What do my hen’s comb and wattle tell me?

Young hens typically have much smaller combs, often resembling an inverted saw blade. So, if your adult hen has a tiny comb it is likely that she is showing signs of health problems.

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How does my hen produce an egg every day?

The humble commercial hybrid hen has been designed and modified over the years to ensure peak egg production and consistency of yield. We’ve listed the process which leads to a hen laying an egg for your breakfast.

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Are Chickens Bird-Brained?

We don’t think so! The term bird brain is often used as a derogatory term referring to someone who is not very bright. Yet chickens actually have very complex brains and use the information they process in a very particular way.

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Why are my chickens’ legs scaly?

Now that our lovely girls are not paddling around in so much mud, it is a good opportunity to check their legs. A healthy leg should have smooth scales with no raised areas. If you are seeing scales lifting or thickened areas, your hen may have Scaly Leg…

hen grit
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Why does my hen need grit?

Grit is a vital part of your hen’s digestive process, however, it is important to remember that there are different grades of grit and they perform two different functions in your hen. First of all, there is Soluble and Insoluble grit.

Hens at Feeder
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How Your Feed Affects Your Chickens

Selecting the best feed for your flock is very important when it comes to hens’ diets. Food labels on hen feed can be a mystery, so what does it all mean? We list of all the items to look out for.

hens have ears
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Hen Anatomy; Did You Know Hens Have Ears?

What disguised ears you have dear hen! All the better to hear you humans! Have you ever wondered about hen anatomy? Much like our own, they have eardrums, an inner, middle and outer ear and they hear just as well as we do!